Dear tech: Stop doing business with Nazis

Kicking Nazis off tech companies' services is so easy, and such a simple thing to do. It is such a basic act of human decency, a trivial task that would stop PayPal, Stripe, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy and many more from being unquestionabl… Source: Engadget | Dear tech: Stop doing business with Nazis

With Khashoggi, tech confronts its blood money

In 2015 we laughed at Hacking Team for getting hacked. Their profit-driven facilitation of human rights abuses around the world was somehow barely competent, but notorious. They sold illegal hackware and surveillance tech to brutal regimes and traine… Source: Engadget | With Khashoggi, tech confronts its blood money

In time for hacking season, the US has no cybersecurity coordinator

Picture the scene: John Bolton stands proudly against a backdrop of an American flag, smiling beneath his pruriently confrontative mustache, dusting his hands off as befits a man who's just completed a task of wistfully virile middle-management. Joh… Source: Engadget

Options for neo-Nazis on the internet are starting to shrink

If you're an American who's ever wondered what it would be like to have had the internet and today's technology during the time of Nazi ascension in Germany, take a look around. You're soaking in it. While a whole lot of us have been aware of this s… Source: Engadget

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