Research shows Facebook (probably) isn’t listening through your phone

Some people still believe that their phones are listening in to gather data that will inform targeted advertising or compromise their privacy. Facebook has directly denied that its apps are listening in Congressional hearings, but there hasn't been a… Source: Engadget | Research shows Facebook (probably) isn’t listening through your phone

Google might launch a reborn Chromebook Pixel and smaller Home

Do you still have a Chromebook Pixel-shaped hole in your heart months after Google pulled the plug? Good news — Google might be bringing it back. A source speaking to Android Police claims that a "Pixel-branded Chromebook" will launch alongside the… Source: Engadget

Plex says recent policy changes don't mean it's sharing your data

Last week, the makers of media player software Plex sent an email to users informing them of a privacy policy. In effect, the new terms would remove the ability to opt-out of the software's data collection. Predictably, there was some pushback over t… Source: Engadget