Tesla pushes full international Model 3 launch to 2019

Just because Tesla is delivering some Model 3 units outside the US doesn't mean it's ready for a full-scale international rollout. Elon Musk has revealed that launches for left-hand drive Model 3 variants in Asia and Europe are now expected in the f… Source: Engadget | Tesla pushes full international Model 3 launch to 2019

Inside the automotive startup taking EVs off-road

The Tesla Model X is the "least capable SUV ever made," according to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe. It sits too low to the ground, for one, and yet, somehow, most American garages aren't tall enough for the rear doors to open. It's something that looks grea… Source: Engadget

Tesla releases source code for some of its in-car tech

Tesla doesn't have many fans in the open source crowd. It based its car platforms on open platforms like Linux and BusyBox, but it has gone years without sharing the source code their license (the GPL) requires. The company is finally setting thing… Source: Engadget